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GDPR Workshop

gdpr prepare

If you are working within a business or organisation of any kind, you may have been hearing whisperings about “GDPR” being introduced to replace the 1998 Data Protection Act and be wondering what it’s all about.

There are lots of people waiting to charge businesses huge sums of money to help them get “GDPR compliant. It’s the new Millenium bug as we keep hearing, the “moot topic” that everyone needs to be ready for!

So what does GDPR actually mean for small businesses? Also importantly, what does it mean from a marketing perspective for your business. How can you ensure your business is compliant?

This two hour fifteen minute workshop hopes to prove that GDPR is not rocket science. It’s most probably things you are doing, or should have been doing already to keep your client data secure and market authentically.

However, if you want the chance to be able to sort the fact from the fiction and time to chat to other small businesses about GDPR then this is the workshop for you!

We’ve kept the costs down to give small businesses an opportunity to come along learn a bit more about GDPR and hopefully give them the tools to ensure that they are compliant.

This workshop will cover:

  • What GDPR is all about
  • Why it matters to your Business
  • What are the changes taking place
  • New Individual Rights
  • What GDPR means for your marketing
  • What small businesses need to do to be compliant


To find out more about availability for this course please get in touch!

>A belated note to thank you very much for an informative course РI really learnt a lot, and feel equipped to face GDPR. РWendy