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About Us

Elvia Marketing is a Marketing & Digital Communications Agency based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and run by Clare Rudd.

We currently provide Digital Marketing and Marketing Services to small and medium sized businesses.

Elvia Marketing can help you to balance your traditional marketing needs such as writing press releases, creating content for newsletters or adverts, designing logos and posters, and organising events, with the digital needs of your business which might include Social Media Strategy or Scheduling, Creating and Curating Copy or Content, Email Marketing Creation and Integration, Website Design and Maintenance or even creating your Online Shop!

Our digital experience spans over a decade as we started creating our own websites and placing content online way back in the early days, before people and businesses realised that the internet could give them a face and a voice. 

Elvia Marketing is committed to enabling small to medium sized businesses and third sector organisations to feel confident engaging with digital communications to grow the reach and engagement of their audience, and raise their online profiles. We know that many SME’s don’t have a huge “budget” for PR, and are often unable to pay the high fees many Marketing Agencies charge, so using a smaller Agency with a more personalised touch makes sense.

We are able to help, whether you simply require just a one-off press release, on-going help with Social Media or setting up a blog for your business. We can also help you to develop a longer term marketing strategy which is effective and which reflects your business, or provide ongoing traditional and digital support for your brands. Feel free to contact us to find out more.

We regularly undertake speaking engagements and individual and group training in different methods of online and offline marketing.

Please feel free to Get In Touch to discuss how we can work together.

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