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Beyonce & Kylie use Instagram to announce life-changing events!

February 4, 2017 In: marketing Comments (None)

beyonceinstagramThis week on Instagram Beyonce broke the record for the most liked Instagram post ever with her baby bump photo and Kylie Minogue announced her split from Josh Sasse. It’s very interesting that both celebrities chose this platform as the predominant place to announce their life changes rather than their Facebook or Twitter accounts. They most likely know (or their people do!) that most of their engaged followers are to be found on Instagram and they are more likely to get a reaction from Instagram.

Most businesses now venture onto Facebook and Twitter, but are probably still getting their heads around using Instagram in their business.

Instagram is a platform not to be ignored by businesses as it’s being used by more and more people, overtaking the market share of Snapchat, and creating lots of new fantastic features such as analytics for businesses to use.

Most importantly thought, new businesses are finding that their customers are more likely to be found on Instagram, or that they are more likely to sell their products on a visual platform such as Instagram.

The use of hashtags on Instagram that companies and brands can “piggyback” onto also makes it a more appealing offering as it’s almost like a combination of Facebook and Twitter!

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