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12 May 2016 No Comments

Press Release Writing Tips – Part Two

This is the second post of a two part series which focuses on writing a Press Release for your business. The first part focused on how to write a great press […]

22 Apr 2016 No Comments

Press Release Writing Tips – Part One

This week we spoke at one of our local Networking groups on How to write a great Press Release and today we are sharing some of those tips with you, our […]

29 Feb 2016 No Comments

Are you guilty of a “Leap Year” Marketing Strategy?

Today we want to ask…. Are you guilty of a “Leap Year” Marketing Strategy? Does your Marketing feel like a “once every four years” occurrence? Do you “Leap” from one […]

social media 2
22 Feb 2016 No Comments

Can’t an Admin Assistant or Virtual Assistant just handle my Social Media?

Recently, we have increasingly had conversations with some companies about looking after their Social Media platforms for them which seem to be followed with a response like this…. “Hey, it […]

making sales
9 Feb 2016 No Comments

How can you make more Sales through Marketing?

How easy do you find it to make sales in your business? How easy do you find it to convert prospective clients/customers into paying customers? Did you know that: Only […]

giving money
25 Jan 2016 No Comments

How easy do you make it for people to buy from you?

Do you make it easy for people to buy from you? That’s the question we are asking in this weeks blog post. You may have your marketing strategy all worked […]

4 Jan 2016 No Comments

Break those Bad Facebook Marketing Habits for 2016

So it’s a new year, and we can already see that many entrepreneurs and small business owners are raring to start their marketing for 2016. There’s nothing like a bit […]

19 Dec 2015 No Comments

S is for Storytelling #marketingadventcalendar

S is for Story Telling…’s the story behind your business or brand that gets people interested. It’s the stories you can tell with your marketing that enable people to form […]

14 Dec 2015 No Comments

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is essentially a term for taking notice of the news and current events which are around you, for example the Christmas Season, National Chocolate Day, National Social Media Day, National bring […]

creative marketing
4 Dec 2015 No Comments

D is for….. Duplication #marketingadventcalendar

Day four and today we are talking about duplication. How can you duplicate content effectively so that your life is made easier, you don’t have to come up with a […]

4 Dec 2015 No Comments

C is for….. Call to Action #marketingadventscope

C is for…… Call to Action on Day 3 of our #marketingadventscope A call to action lets your clients, customers or audience know how you would like them to interact […]

Advent B
2 Dec 2015 No Comments

B is for Blogging #Marketingadventcalendar

This advent season we are bringing you a virtual advent calendar and are sharing a Marketing Tip with you every day via Periscope. Today we are talking B… B is […]