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30 Jan 2019 No Comments

Staying true to your brand personality, voice and values…

If I asked you to think of a premium brand, what would immediately spring to mind? Harrods? Tiffany’s? The Ritz? Veuve Clicquot? Now what about a more mid-range brand –Marks […]

20 Dec 2017 No Comments

Facebook tackles Spammy Engagement Bait!

So you may or may not have heard the news, but Facebook announced this week that they are tackling spammy posts and targeting publishers who try to bypass the authenticity of […]

20 Oct 2017 No Comments

Why should I be using a Social Media Management Company?

It’s 2017, so by now you probably have a good idea that Social Media is important for growing your business and your brand. You are probably also aware that social […]

16 Aug 2017 No Comments

Are you guilty of building your audience solely on Social Media?

This week we read a story which is a great reminder of why you should not rely on your website and social media to communicate with your audience. Sadly the […]

21 Jun 2017 No Comments

Finding the solution to your customers’ problems.

How are you enjoying the weather? Hope you are surviving the warmest day of the year! The weather has been so hot this week that many Brits have been queuing up […]

6 Jun 2017 No Comments

What happens in 60 Seconds Online?

  As a small business when you go networking, you are often given 60 seconds to give your “elevator pitch” which is essentially a one minute slot to sell yourself […]

27 Feb 2017 No Comments

Storytelling is at the heart of Social Media

We bet if you remember back to your childhood, you can remember some of your favourite stories. Each Christmas the most anticipated adverts on TV aren’t the ones full of […]

4 Feb 2017 No Comments

Beyonce & Kylie use Instagram to announce life-changing events!

This week on Instagram Beyonce broke the record for the most liked Instagram post ever with her baby bump photo and Kylie Minogue announced her split from Josh Sasse. It’s […]

2 Nov 2016 No Comments

What’s the ROI (Return on Investment) of Social Media?

One of the questions we often get asked is what our “ROI” or “Return on Investment” results are like for Social Media and what results can we promise in return […]

1 Nov 2016 No Comments

Press Release: International Celebrity Musicians to play Charity Concert at Local Stately Home Gaddesden Place

Press Release – For immediate release International Celebrity Musicians to play Charity Concert at Local Stately Home Gaddesden Place 1st November 2016: Magnificent local stately home “Gaddesden Place” near Hemel […]

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11 Aug 2016 No Comments

Facebook’s Algorithm Changes and what they mean for your business!

Facebook has recently changed their Alogorithms AGAIN! to keep everyone on their toes! In this post we are outlining what this means for you if you use Facebook to market […]

making sales
9 Feb 2016 No Comments

How can you make more Sales through Marketing?

How easy do you find it to make sales in your business? How easy do you find it to convert prospective clients/customers into paying customers? Did you know that: Only […]