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How can you make more Sales through Marketing?

February 9, 2016 In: marketing Comments (None)

making sales

How easy do you find it to make sales in your business?

How easy do you find it to convert prospective clients/customers into paying customers?

Did you know that:

Only 2% of sales occur at the first point of contact…
3% occur at the second point….
5% occur at the third point….
10% occur at the fourth point…..

and a huge 80% of sales take place between the 5th and the 12th point of contact with a prospective customer.

One of the biggest mistakes 99% of businesses make, is that they stop speaking to their prospective clients!!

When businesses have an enquiry from someone who is interested in their service, they may speak with them once or twice, but if that prospective client doesn’t buy initially, what do you do with their information next? How do you keep in contact with a “warm lead” – or someone who has expressed an interest in your business?

Continuous contact converts prospective customers into clients!

Surprisingly, 50% of businesses tend to give up contacting clients after the first point of contact, 65% give up by the 2nd point of contact and over 90% of businesses would not contact a prospective client more than four times.

The longer you stay in contact with your clients, the more likely they are to buy from you. You have a 90% chance of making a sale from a prospective client when they are ready to buy if you keep in contact with them!

A prospective client/customer may not have actually needed your service when you first met them, or perhaps it just wasn’t right for them at the time, and so they didn’t buy from you. Perhaps you didn’t get in contact with them again, so then, when they actually do need your service, they are more likely to go in search of someone new, or buy from someone who has been keeping in contact with them.

The more that you nurture those relationships, encourage them to get to know you, like you and trust you, the more they are likely to be knocking at your door when they are ready to buy.

So how do you do that?

Are you good at keeping in contact with clients who have enquired about your services in the past?

Do you send those who enquire from you regular emails?

Here are some suggestions of different ways you could keep in contact with those who enquire about your service:

  • Follow up an enquiry with at least two different methods of contact – either face-to-face, phone call or email for example and contact them a few times. People are busy and may forget to call/email back.
  • Invite your customers to follow you on Social Media so that you can keep in touch with them, and follow them back.
  • Perhaps offer them a complimentary “discovery call” or “Free Trial” of some kind so that they can see your service/product in action.
  • Why not offer your prospective customers some kind of “freebie” to show you care – perhaps a free download or pdf of “five great tips for…” or “How to….” – something which relates to your business and shows that you are offering added value even though they haven’t bought from you.
  • Stay in contact with them via regular Newsletters, or emails with helpful tips/links, but don’t bombard them with the “big sell”.

If you know that you need to get better at keeping in contact with your customers, but you simply don’t have the time or resources to do so, never fear – we can help!!

We regularly help business each month with services such as:

• Automated Email messages once someone enquires or joins their list

• Creating and Sending Newsletters or Bulletins to keep in contact with prospective and existing clients regularly.

• Creating and distributing Ebooks or “How to/Tips” Guides either via email or via your website to offer “added value” to those who enquire.

So today, we want to ask you… when was the last time you nurtured your “warm leads” or those who were interested in your services? When was the last time you sent them a newsletter, or bulletin of any kind, or picked up the phone and spoke to them?

You can sow the seeds all you like, but if you don’t water the plants, they won’t grow…. and it’s the same with your sales!!

Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you to get better at staying in regular contact with your prospective clients and with your existing ones too!!