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Pick my Brain

eyourcards1Pick My Brain about Marketing!

Are you struggling to know where to start with marketing your business?


Are you looking for some advice or information to get your marketing strategy kick started? 




Do you have questions like:

  • How do I set up a Facebook Page
  • How do I start a Blog and which platform should I use
  • How do I work out the best strategy for marketing my business or product.
  • Who should I invite to my event
  • Who should I send my press release to 

We offer a “Pick my brain” service via Face to face, Email, Facebook and Skype, which enables you to ask your questions and receive honest, practical, and straightforward advice to help give your business marketing strategy a kick start.

A quick Skype session with Elvia can save you time and frustration, and can help you to put some simple steps into place quickly to get your company noticed. During the call, we will concentrate on your business and your needs, and help you to come up with some tangible, and achievable goals to take your business marketing forward.

After Consultations, we send a follow-up email with any action points which have arisen from the call.

We offer time slots of fifteen minute,  thirty minute, or one hour.

Please Contact Us for pricing.