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Public Relations

10PublicRelations sliderPublic Relations is about getting the word out about your good news stories, products and events into the public domain to a wide audience and via a wide selection of media.

Coverage in traditional newspapers, magazines and trade journals presents your business and brand to the world and enables an audience to connect with your brand. Online coverage also provides this, but with the added layers of being forever visible, searchable, shareable, and discussable, thus providing ongoing exposure for your brand, rather than time limited coverage.

Elvia Marketing offers Public Relations services across a wide selection of media. Media coverage of all kinds can help to create a “buzz” about your brand – both online and offline.

We can help with things like Press Release Writing & Coverage, copywriting, and promotional materials.

We can also chat with you about including PR in the Marketing Strategy of your business, and help you come up with a schedule which identifies key times of the year to gain publicity for your brand.

Please do get in touch to discuss your PR Needs and let us help you generate some press for your business.

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