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Social Media

social mediaA presence on Social Media is essential for all business owners nowadays.

Along with your website, Social Media is essentially your Business Digital Shop Window. It is a vital way of communicating with your customers, competitors, and experts in your field. Your digital shop window needs to be well maintained and kept in good condition. Updating your social media accounts regularly is essential to maintain a professional image and ensure that your business comes across as reputable and transparent. It also helps you to connect with your audience to enable people to get to know your business and your brand. Many businesses actually report that they actually gain a lot of new business via social media channels, so it is essential to ensure that your brand is seen in a good light online.

Do you lack the technical know-how, time or even the motivation to spend marketing your business via Social Media?

Do you need help getting your business heard on Social Media? 

Are you finding that your posting schedule is becoming less and less regular? Is there currently a tumble weed blowing through your Facebook Page?

Could your time be better spent elsewhere in your business rather than constantly monitoring Social Media accounts?

Would you like someone to help you keep on top of your Social Media in an effective and timely manner?

Do you want an effective Social Media Strategy which provides results?

It’s important that your business has a robust, well thought out and responsive media presence.

Your customers  are looking for you via Social Media. If your accounts are not active and updated regularly, your customers may think you are no longer in business.

Your prospective clients are also online and looking for people to help them. Social Media profiles are this generation’s version of the Yellow Pages. Simply put, if you are not using Social media you could be losing business to your competitors.

Good Social Media Management can help your business to

  • Increase and grow your credibility online
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Generate clients and profits

Why work with us?

Many clients comment on our no-nonsense, patient, jargon free approach to marketing. We don’t try to bamboozle you with confusing marketing terms, we want to empower you to understand marketing and how you can make it work for your business. We help businesses identify their ideal client, seek them out via the right platforms, and build relationships ensuring that your customer gets to know, like and trust your company or brand.

We use tried and tested methods to help get your company’s Social Media working for you.

First we will carry out an Audit of where your company is currently at with Social Media, then we will discuss the next steps needed to grow your audience and get your Social Media working effectively .

This can include empowering you to set-up and manage your own Social Media, or setting up and managing your Social Media for you if you just want to know it is being looked after each month. We have many years experience in supporting businesses with their Social Media in various different industries.

Our packages include content writing and scheduling if you just want to know that something is going out regularly, responsive account management where we will interact with your audiences replying to comments, tweets and messages, and also strategic Social Media management where we will track your insights and help to ensure you are getting the best reach possible either organically or via paid campaigns.

We can help you to build a strategy which concentrates on how to set up social media accounts, gain followers, build engagement and use the different forms of social media effectively. We can also help you learn how to monitor for any positive or negative feedback which may come your way. Some business owners worry about social media taking up too much time, but with our help, it is something which your business can keep on top of and manage easily.

We can either empower you to feel confident running your own social media accounts, or manage them for you.

We also offer Social Media Training for businesses either one-to-one or as a group.