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Paddling PoolHow are you enjoying the weather? Hope you are surviving the warmest day of the year!

The weather has been so hot this week that many Brits have been queuing up to buy fans, ice and food for the BBQ by the dozen. At the weekend we discovered that our paddling pool had a puncture and so as the kids were desperate to cool off in this hot weather we decided to buy them a new paddling pool…. on the hottest weekend of the year – Not a great idea!

We went to about five different stores and all of the stores had either sold out or didn’t have anything suitable for my kids. Luckily we were able to order a family paddling pool which arrived today.

My consumer experience was a great reminder for me from a marketing point of view about how important it is to market products and services to your customers that solve their problems at a time when they most need it.

Just as in the snow everyone suddenly wants to buy a sledge or snow chains for their tyres, when it’s hot everyone wants things associated with keeping cool and outside living. The shops get it, hence their dedication to seasonal items, but do you do the same in your business? If you have a product that keeps people cool, or a service which provides solutions to issues in the summer, are you marketing this to your customers at the right time? Do you plan ahead if your business is seasonal?

Trades such as gardeners, landscapers and exterior painters typically find they are busier in the summer, as are wedding and ice cream vans. They solve the problems for their customers, whether that be that the house or garden needs some love or attention, or that they want a summer wedding or a way to keep cool, when they most need it – during the summer months.

Similarly, a promotions company I work with has recently started offering branded “Fidget Spinners” as they know this is the latest craze to tap into and a great way for companies to increase brand awareness.

Many businesses create the product or the service without thinking about how it helps or when their customers will need it, but watching seasons and trends, and thinking about when your customers most need your product or service as well as what product or service they need at that time is a great way to get more sales all year round.

Now… Do you think it’s acceptable to sit and work from the pool?

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