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Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner


The school term is coming to an end and the summer holidays are on their way, meaning kids off school, normal services for everyone else stopping, and perhaps even a break away for you! All of this leads to time out of your business during the summer in one way or another and less time to keep your business ticking over, get work done for your existing clients and keep new business coming in.

Are you a parent trying to run your business around family life and feeling that impending pressure of the term coming to an end, or a business owner hoping for a bit of a break over the summer?

Is the long summer break stretching out in front of you and are you wondering how you will get anything done for your clients or customers with the kids off school or other commitments to tend to, nevermind trying to keep your marketing and online brand awareness ticking over for six weeks?

Do you want to take a well-earned break but be able to plan out your marketing in advance, so that you don’t let things slide in your business?

Do you know that you should be posting every day on Social Media generally, but the thought of having to come up with content every day over the summer fills you with dread and fear, you struggle with ideas of what to post and you wonder if you are even posting at the right time for anyone to see your content?

I want to make things easier for you by offering a solution to the headache of trying to keep your social media updated over the summer months. I’ve already done the hard work for you and created a formula which will make your social media management over the summer holidays a breeze.

I have created a six week “Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner” to help you with ideas for content during the summer break. Each day I am giving you a content idea and type of content to post, with a varied and interesting formula to ensure you are creating content which your audience finds appealing. It takes all of the guess work out of what to post, as you have a brief to follow, you just have to write a status update for that day related to the content brief.

I am also sharing videos on how to schedule your content so that you don’t have to be on social media all day and you can schedule your social media in all at once if you would like to. Plus you get access to a support community throughout!

The Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner includes:

  • Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner Spreadsheet with a content idea every day for six weeks, space to write your own content and a checklist to ensure you are maximising exposure and engagement of your post.
  • How to Videos showing you how to schedule your posts on social media and how to work out the best time to schedule your content for your audience to see it.
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group for support and guidance from fellow business owners over the summer and beyond. This can be a place for you to come and share your successes and vent your frustrations about all things biz related as the summer progresses.
  • Bonus Content, Q&A’s and other added value which I will throw out into the Facebook group for members over the summer.

Ultimate Content Planner pic 2


The Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner runs from Monday the 24th of July to Sunday the 3rd September 2017, although you could easily change the dates to suit your schedule during the summer, or keep it going throughout the year on a rolling six week basis.


Just a little bit of preparation for surviving the summer holidays can make all the difference, so why not make life easier for yourself and purchase the Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner so that all you have to do is follow the formula for easy to produce, interesting and engaging content.


Access to ” The Ultimate Summer Social Media Content Planner” is priced at just £19.99. Buy your content planner today to get a head start on your content for the summer!

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