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Why should I be using a Social Media Management Company?

social-media-763731_640It’s 2017, so by now you probably have a good idea that Social Media is important for growing your business and your brand.

You are probably also aware that social media can’t be approached sporadically, in an unorganised manner, or as and when you remember to post. Social Media needs to be approached strategically with aims, objectives and a clear focus.

It’s no longer realistic to designate your social media to the youngest person in the team who “gets facebook”, ask a family member to look after it “in their spare time”, or outsource it to India or the Phillipines, where haphazard content gets posted at 3am when none of your audiences are awake to see it.

No…social media management needs to be take seriously and seen as a part of your marketing strategy. It may be that you are able to look after your own social media, or you may be considering outsourcing it to a consulting company, but you need to ensure that your social media is reaching your target audience. The messaging needs to be clear, consistent and in-line with your business brand identity and values, and you also need to be getting that engagement, interaction and raised brand awareness back as a result of your social media efforts.

Online marketing has now become so advanced and so important to business success, that it is no longer acceptable for businesses to just “ad-lib” it as and when they feel able to. Effective social media management can be integral to your company’s survival, and has become specialised enough that without a plan, or input from a specialist, it is destined for failure.

Most business owners are so busy taking care of their customers and clients, that social media is often seen as just another thing to do on the list, and one which takes them a great deal of time because it’s not their area of expertise, and which often produces limited results.

Imagine having the satisfaction of knowing that you have a company looking after your social media marketing which keeps up with current trends, knows what sort of posts get engagement and is putting thought, personality and strategy into their posting.  Imagine knowing that each month your blog, newsletter and social media is being taken care of and you have regular marketing messaging going out to your clients which you don’t have to spend hours creating.

We recognise that businesses have different budgets, and so our packages suit all needs, whether you are a one-man band on a smaller budget, wanting to manage your social media yourself but looking for help with an overarching strategy or content ideas, or you are a larger brand looking for more regular help and support, please do get in touch to see how we can help your business.



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